Our Kingsley Road project has won numerous awards including:

2016 Build It Awards - Best Collective or Group Self Build Project

Organisers said:

'The winning scheme was lauded by the judges for several reasons, but in particular they were impressed that these affordable self-build homes were realised through a combination of sweat equity and shared ownership, giving first-time buyers a foot on the housing ladder, as well as creating an overwhelming level of community and neighbourly spirit.'

2014 Inside Housing UK Housing Awards – Best Community-led Initiative

Announcing HPBC as winners on the night, compere Marcus Brigstocke said:

“There were lots of excellent examples of community initiatives in this category but the judges felt that the sustainability of this one set it apart. They said it had great potential to have an impact in the long-term, both on particular individuals and the community as a whole.”

HB Winner Gold abbreviated.jpg

2013 Housebuilder Awards– Best Community Initiative:

Judges said:

“The finalists showed community work that went beyond that normally demanded by residential schemes, and they understood that localism and community work was an investment to be made every day, not just when developers need to win hearts and minds to get schemes approved. The winner, Liverpool Habitat for Humanity, was the best of these.”