Volunteers on site

Volunteers on site

Happy to help!

Happy to help!

Using volunteer labour to build our homes helps keep costs down.

It also provides those who give up their time with the opportunity to learn new skills, gain confidence, meet new people, boost their CV or simply give something back to society.


Our volunteers are a mix of individuals, students, corporate volunteers and community, interest and faith groups. They get involved in nearly all aspects of construction under the supervision of our qualified site staff.

An added value for the individuals and the community at large is the breaking down of barriers when people from all sectors of society work together towards a common goal.  Learning new skills also empowers individuals to grow in confidence and knowledge.

We’ve already welcomed more than 12,000 volunteers to our Kingsley Road site, many of them coming from overseas to experience our unique project.

In 2013 alone HPBC hosted:

- 812 volunteers from the UK

- 349 international volunteers

This includes:

- 98 graduates

- 23 placements/interns

- 31 trainees

- 18 Groups


In total 7,736 hours were given by volunteers. Many have been local people but some have travelled from as far afield as Romania, Nigeria, USA, Canada, Poland, Iran, Soudan, Malaysia and New Zealand.

Whether you’re a student looking to gain valuable work experience, a HR manager in search of a novel team-building exercise for your staff, an unemployed or retired trades person looking to ‘keep your hand in’ or an individual or group of people simply looking to do something productive and worthwhile with your spare time, we’ll find you something to do.

At the moment there are no opportunities for volunteering on the St Bernard's project, but HPBC will obviously be grateful of volunteers on future projects.

Alternatively ask to join our Facebook volunteers group.