Selling surplus building materials, household items and other new or nearly new goods online is a way of raising funds for our charity.

Our 'Goods2Go' ebay store

Our 'Goods2Go' ebay store

We recycle unwanted items via eBay, with the proceeds being ploughed back into the charity to help fund our building programme and general operations.

Items donated to us that we’ve resold include tools, building materials and furniture, which had a monetary value but, for whatever reason, were not suitable for our build.

We’ve been able to ‘recycle’ them via the internet and turn them into much needed cash. We also welcome unsold or end of line stock from retailers and good quality household items from individuals.

Items should be easily transportable unless people are in a position to drop off large items at our Kingsley Road site in Liverpool. 

As the operation grows we plan to utilise volunteers to categorise, clean up, repair and refurbish second hand items, including furniture. 

To donate items contact Liza Parry, tel: 07817066084 or email

Visit our ebay ‘Goods2Go’ store to see what's currently available.